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    • Name & address
      1. The name of the union shall be ASSOCIATIONOF IT EMPLOYEES.The place of registration and address shall be AITE STATE COMMITTEE OFFICE, CITU HOUSE, MACHINGAL LANE, THRISSUR-680001
    • Aims and objects
      1. to organise entrepreneurs and employees in the IT sector, set right the relations between them and the respective managements and improve service conditions
      2. conciliate on the disputes between the managements and members of the Association
      3. bring out the legitimate complaints of the employees to the attention of the managements to settle them
      4. attempt to ensure a fair life and working atmosphere for the employees
      5. in differences that arise with the managements on service conditions and termination , extend legal aid to the employees
      6. to ensure that no rights whatsoever of the employees are denied.
      • Work to enhance the level of citizenry and economic,social and political understanding of the employees
      1. To co- ordinate and co- operate with other organisations working with similar aims and objectives
    • Membership
      1. Data entry operators in the IT sector, programmers, software, hardware designers those in the installation, maintenance divisions, small IT entrepreneurs shall be eligible for membership in the organisation provided they have completed 18 years of age and agree to function as per the bye law of the organisation
      2. Members of organisations registered and working as per IT Act and those working as members of the Central and StateGovt organisations shall not be admitted to this organisation
      3. Two or three persons having wide experience in the trade unionsfrom the non IT sectorshall be admitted to the union .They shall however be eligible to be elected only as president and vice presidents.
    • Enrolment
      1. Those desirous of joining the association shall apply in the prescribed form with an admission fee of Rs.5/-
      2. The monthly subscription is Rs.10/-.Shall be remitted before end of every month .Those who default for 3 months shall removed from the rolls of the union.Such members can apply again remitting arrears . Working committee shall consider such requests on its merit. If it so happens due to closure of the company, seriousdesease, accident etc. the committee shall consider giving concession . A non- member shall not be eligible for any benefits out of the union.
    • Committee
      1. By March end every 2 years, ameeting of the general body of the union shall be held. A new committee shall be elected in the said general body or on a subsequent meeting as decided therin.
      2. The association shall have a President, a general secretary, a treasurer , three vice presidents and three joint secretaries.
      3. All the office bearers shall be elected by the members eligible to cast their vote
      4. Members who have not defaulted in monthly subscription, funds called for by the union from time to time and those not on suspension from the union shall be eligible to vote.
    •  Tenure, duties ,quorum etc. of the committee
      1. The tenure of the committee shall be 2 years from the date of takeover.
      2. The assets, funds, records of the union and its upkeep shall remain with the Committee
      3. The quorum of the committee shall 51% of the members
      4. The committee shall meet once in a month ,examine the accounts and vouchers and take appropriate decisions
      5. There shall be 3 day’snotice for the meeting of the committee. For meetings of an emergent nature the period of notice shall be lesser.
      6. The President shall preside over the meeting. In the absence of the president one of the vice presidents shall preside. In the absence of the president and vice presidents , one of the committee members shall preside over the meeting.
      7. If a member absents from the meeting consecutively for 3 times without assigning valid reasons, he or she shall be removed from the committee
      8. In case of dispute on any issue, the majority decision shall prevail.
      9. The committee shall have the right to enforce the decisions taken as envisioned by the Union.
      10. The interim vacancies shall be filled by nomination
      11. The general secretary shall be the custodian of the following records
      12. Membership register
      13. Ledger
      14. Minutes book of the committee
      15. Minutes book of the General body meetings
      16. Receipt books and vouchers
      17. Letter pads, files, subscription register
      18. Books of accounts
        1. The committee for the next biennial and auditors shall be elected in the ensuing general body meeting 
        2. Quorum for the general body shall be 20% of the membership
        3. The president shall preside over the meeting. In the absence of the President one of the vice presidents shall preside. If the president and vice presidents are absent one of the members participating in the meeting shall preside over the meeting.
        4. In the case of dispute over any issue , the decision shall be by majority vote. In case of equal votes, the president shall exercise a casting vote
        5. If on any special agenda 10% of the members demand for a general body, general secretary, in consultation with the committee shall take steps to convene the meeting within 15 days. If the general secretary fails to convene the meeting, the members who have given notice can convene the meeting. The quorum for such meeting shall be the same as for the ordinary meetings.
    •  Removal from membership
      1. If any member of the union works against the ideals or decisions of the organisation, the committee , in a meeting convened to discuss this issue shall have power to suspend such member from the union. .Before taking such decision the member shall be given an opportunity to explain his case. The member shall have the right to approach the general body and the general body can take appropriate decision. Such member shall have no right to approach the Court of Law against the decision of the general body, In the case of a committee member such decision can be taken only with 2/3 majority.
    • Duties of office bearers
      1. At all times the President and general secretary shall represent the union. In cases of importance, they shall consult the committee members. In the meetings of the general body and committee, president shall have control over the meeting and shall preside. The vice president shall act in the same manner in the absence of the president.
      2. The general secretary in consultation with the president shall convene meetings of the committee as well as the general body,communicate with all concerned, and keep custody of records. The joint secretaries shall assist the general secretary in his duties.
      3. The treasurer shall collect the subscriptions, incur expenses as per the direction of the committee and keep the accounts of the same.
      4. The office bearers shall be accountable to the committee
    • Funds
      1. Funds shall constitute the admission fee, subscription, and donations. Funds shall be deposited with a bank as per the decision of the committee
      2. Funds of the union shall not be utilised for any other purposes except what is specified in the bye law.
      3. The treasurer shall keep a sum of Rs.1000/- with him for the day to day expenses of the Union. Any expenses in excess thereof shall have the permission of the committee
      4. Accounts in the bank shall be operated by the treasurer jointly with the president or general secretary.
      5. The treasurer shall always keep the accounts updated and submit it periodically to the committee in the meetings.
      6. The accounts shall be audited every year. The audited statement of accounts with receipt and payment account shall be placed before the general body
      7. If any member of the union demands for the verification of the books of accounts of the union , with three day’snotice, he shall be allowed to do it at the union office premises 
    • Amendment to bye- law
      1. For amendment to the bye law there shall be a notice of 15 days.In such general body 51% of the members shall be present and 2/3 shall vote in favour of the amendments.
    • Dissolution of the Union
      1. Provided 75% of the members out of the total membership is present and 75% out of them favour , a decision on dissolution of the union can be taken. 15 day’snotice shall be given for such meeting . In case of dissolution, a specific decision about the assets and liabilities of the shall also taken
    • Copies of the bye law shall be distributed among the membership on demand at a price decided by the committee
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